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Beyond Clicks:

Mastering Sales Funnels, CRM, and Automation Strategies

  1. Introduction

    • Explain the purpose of the course and what students can expect to learn.
    • Discuss the importance of sales funnels and CRM in business.
    • Introduce the concept of automation and how they can streamline business processes.
  2. Understanding Sales Funnels

    • Define what a sales funnel is and how it guides potential customers toward making a purchase.
    • Break down the different stages of a sales funnel and what happens at each stage.
    • Discuss strategies for moving potential customers through the sales funnel.
  3. Building Your Sales Funnel

    • Provide a step-by-step guide on how to create a sales funnel, from identifying the target audience to nurturing leads and conversion.
    • Discuss the role of a lead magnet and landing page in attracting potential customers.
    • Explain how to set up an email marketing campaign to nurture leads.
  4. Introduction to CRM

    • Define CRM and discuss its role in managing customer relationships.
    • Highlight the benefits of a CRM system, including improved customer service, increased customer retention, and more efficient marketing and sales efforts.
  5. Setting Up Your CRM System

    • Discuss the process of choosing the right CRM software based on business needs and budget.
    • Explain how to customize a CRM system to track and manage customer information effectively.
    • Discuss how to integrate a CRM system with a sales funnel for seamless information flow.
  6. Understanding Automation

    • Define automation and discuss its role in streamlining sales and CRM processes.
    • Highlight the benefits of automation, including increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved customer experience.
  7. Implementing Automation

    • Provide a step-by-step guide on how to implement automation in email marketing, follow-ups, and data entry in CRM.
    • Discuss the role of various automation tools and software in streamlining these processes.
  8. Conclusion

    • Summarize the key points from each module and reinforce the importance of sales funnels, CRM, and automation in digital marketing.
    • Discuss the next steps and provide resources for further learning.