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Meet Farhad Rahgozar – a passionate entrepreneur with roots in the vibrant culture of Iran. In 2022, he set out on a new chapter in Canada, blending his technical prowess with a love for the digital world.

With a master’s degree in Civil Engineering, Farhad added Google and IBM certificates to his toolkit, exploring IT, Web Design and Web Developing, Digital Marketing, and Internet Security.

For a solid decade, Farhad thrived in Iran, running a successful business focused on Residential Apartment Renovation and high-end interior design products.

Upon landing in Canada, he dove into the dynamic environment at LionsDS, soaking in insights about the Canadian market, creating courses, navigating Joint Ventures, and meticulously analyzing marketing data and KPIs.

Under mentors like Sina Sahami, Abdul Farooqi, Bilal Hanjra, and Uzair Farooqi at Lions Digital Studio Inc., Farhad not only gained practical digital marketing skills but also built lasting connections in a friendly and professional setting.

Upon collaborating with the Maax team at LionsDS, Farhad contributed to the implementation of an advanced AI Sales and Customer Service assistant. This experience underscored his dedication to staying ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Farhad Rahgozar’s story is one of cultural fusion, continuous learning, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in business and technology.

Farhad Rahgozar firmly believes that the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds. He advocates a philosophy where individuals shouldn’t wait for someone to teach them but instead should keep more than two ears open, listening and learning from every corner, everyone, and every experience. This approach has been a guiding principle in his journey, allowing him to absorb insights from diverse sources and continuously adapt in a rapidly changing landscape. Farhad’s commitment to an open-minded and receptive mindset underscores his belief that valuable lessons can be found everywhere, making each encounter an opportunity for growth and enrichment.

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